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Executive Director & President, Public Television Major Market Group; retired exec at NPR & R-TV stations.


Executive Director and President, Public Television Major Market Group. Retired end of 2010 as an executive at NPR, serving 10 mos. as Interim CEO and most recently as SVP System Resources & Technology. Retired 3/2008 as Assoc VP & General Manager of Educational & Public Media at Washington State University (from 1978). Served on numerous public broadcasting boards, task forces and committees (APT, NPR, NPM, APTS, IMA, PBS, SRG, more). Occasional consulting for public broadcasting organizations.

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Genealogy (see and; photography (currently shooting with Canon EOS 5D Mark II & Leica D-Lux 4, Sony NEX-5, Fujifilm X100S); ham radio (N7DH 1976-present, WAƘKKR 1965-1976).