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inge denstad

Thats a great site bout rissa/stadsbygd.
i currently live in rissa and work in stadsbygd atm.
that webcam is showing "kremmergården"
keep it up and show people how wonderfull rissa is


carol sheffield

Thank you for this great site.I am just about to move to Rissa from the UK and I do not speak the language therefore an english website with recipes and other info including a web cam is an amazing find.
Please keep up the good work asi will be tuning in regularly

John Fosten

Hello Dennis,
as you will see my name is Fosten and the family have been doing research into the family history.I have found a reference on your site to the Fosten Portal.Could you tell me what this refers to.I have found some names in Norway with the surname Fosten dating from 1695 to 1795 could there be any connection? Thank you for any information.

Trond Arnesen

Hello Dennis.
What a gigantic job you have done. This must be a treasure for Americans with roots in Trøndelag. I live in Trondheim, but have a lot of relatives from Rissa Municipality, mainly Sørvik, Dyrendal and Selven.
The webcam shows a shopping center in Rissa.
Good luck and godt nyttår til deg og alle "slektninger" i USA.
Vennlig hilsen Trond

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