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Tuesday, 26 October 2004



If your ear has been to the ground recently, then you may have heard that more XM2Go models are coming. Well folks, they're here, and they aren't an improvement.

They are the Giant "Tao", and the Pioneer "Airware". Both models include the full car and home kits that the standard MyFi kit offers, and sadly, the same price as well.

This a bit surprising when it comes to the Tao, as it's literally the OEM version of the MyFi, except with a different black finished shell. Giant, who makes the MyFi for Delphi, has trotted this out in an effort to cash in as well, but instead of the savings you'd expect without the Delphi branding, the unit is still close to $300. The Airware, on the other hand, looks quite different. It is narrower, looking a bit less like an iPod than the other two, bit more like a iPod mini, or a cell phone. It's also less ergonomic in design, with its controls laid out in a grid pattern. It also will retail for around the same price.

At the moment, the MyFi is the way to go, except for that pesky price due to the included car and home accessory kits, which has come down closer to $200, but still ain't cheap.

Delphi, in anticipation of the new XM2Go models, has come to a conclusion...sell the MyFi alone. It's called the MyFi "Lite" and is basically the same unit, but with earbuds and a charger alone. It currently sells for around $100 (You can all breathe a sigh of relief now) ;)

If that is still a stretch for you, then there are alternatives like http://www.freemyfi.info

However you get it, you'll be glad you did.

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