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Friday, 21 January 2005


Bob Miller

Once analog switchoff occurs and digital broadcasting can increase their power from the extremely low power levels they are broadcasting at now the need for improved antennas will be insignificant. In fact most receivers and their antennas will be built right into the DTV set. Reception in the UK will be ubiquitous and simple in most cases with indoor antenna.

If you want to know what the power levels that are being used in UK are here are some facts. The highest powered transmitter in the UK is 20 kW. The average power level of the appoximately 480 in use is ONE kW (though some are as low as 3 W). If you add up all the 480 transmitters power to one sum they come to less than half of the power of a single US MEGAWatt station. And that is after they have DOUBLED the power levels of most of these stations a couple of years ago.

The savings the "poor" will benefit from the most is the far greater content and the increased quality of the signal free of charge. Many will be able to cancel subscriptions to satellite services whose charges are putting them in the poor house to begin with.

The digital TV transition will actually lift many out of poverty.

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