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Thursday, 08 September 2005




Sky TV sponsored, paid for, produced and telecast an illegal street race in Mumbai called 'Road Raja'. It is appalling that such a huge media house should decide to put 5 UK celebrities in a dangerous and reckless race on the streets of a third world country, endangering hundreds of lives, when it wouldn't have the guts to do so in its own countries of operations and
domicile. To find out more about this, please visit a detailed write-up at

While I appreciate yours might not be the best forum for this call for an apology, I believe that as consumers of a corporation as large as BSkyB, we have the right to demand more responsibility and stronger ethics when they
spend the money we pay in subscription fees. The email address for BSkyB's Corporate Responsibility unit is also available at the above link. Please write to them directly demanding an explanation for this outrage.

If you are not interested in this cause, sorry to have taken up a few
minutes of your time.

Thank you


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