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Thursday, 01 December 2005


Gary E. Brant

Hello Gary,

We've already done that, in a new media player for consumers, the MuViBOXX!

Using patent-pending technology we pioneered, the files downloaded to our our set-top box are uniquely encrypted to the individual, so that each delivered media file is protected from being copied.

Our MuViBOXX! P2P network assures rapid delivery of even very large MPEG-4 files to the digtial media player, connected to the user's television display.

We are also implementing a "rewards system" whereby file-sharers who upload paid-for content will be compensated for the use of their bandwidth and other resources, including electricity, to facilitate delivery of those media files to other subscribers on our encrypted P2P network.

You heard it here first.

Gary E. Brant, CEO

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