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Sunday, 19 March 2006


Ann VerWiebe

With Congress so desperate for cash, they may push ahead and actually make the 2009 deadline. I think most people are paying very little attention to this story, even though a DTV conversion will cost almost everyone in the country real money - especially since Congress told the cable industry that it won't slide them analog cable customers. Right now, I have 3 tvs and no cable. While I don't mind upgrading my main tv and maybe even the smaller set in the bedroom, how much am I willing to spend to upgrade a $5 tv in my kitchen? What about the elderly and the poor? They love tv. Can the broadcast industry, including cable, afford to lose the people who just give up? How many people, offered many more high-quality channels for free, will ditch cable regardless? And what about our nation's landfills? How will they handle the large influx of hazardous waste from dumped tvs (I'm not joking about this - I predict it's going to be a big issue, especially as the country is increasingly looking for green solutions)? I'm going to start complaining now.

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