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Friday, 29 September 2006



Thanks, Dennis. It's good to know that there are others in public broadcasting getting as excited as I am about the mainstreaming of web syndication. I find it strange that even this late in the game, talking about RSS feeds will still bring blank stares and/or glazed eyes--even from station personnel with an intimate understanding of television syndication.

Every station website out there should be getting ready for the change to IE7. They need to know now what's going to break. They need to review their SSL certificates for up-to-date information. They need to review their online privacy policies. They need to look at their pages to see if they can promote their feeds better. The stations that don't get prepared are going to be desperately trying to fix things after the fact.

It could happen during a pledge drive. It could happen during a live auction. It could happen at any point. Depending on what they do now, they could either lose a lot of time (and possibly a lot of money) or they could gain a lot of new site users.

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