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Saturday, 09 September 2006


John Proffitt

The comments in this posting can be applied to radio, too. There's palpable value to a programmed stream in any medium. Shoot -- there's value to printed newspapers (as opposed to web sites), too. There's something great about getting "caught" by a story or a show or a piece of music that you weren't planning on experiencing and didn't seek via keyword or subject area. I've got hundreds of albums of music that I've stumbled across over the years. And how many articles have I read over the years that I didn't intend to read? So the value of the streamed / programmed / selected format remains strong because sometimes we don't want to search, and sometimes (morning drive time) we'd like a low-maintenance companion rather than an opportunity to forage for information ourselves.

That said, the greatest TV discovery I've made in the last year wasn't by serendipitously flipping channels. It was a cheap download on iTunes that exposed me to the new Battlestar Galactica -- a program on a cable channel I don't get. I'm now the proud owner of the entire DVD collection (to date) and I'm waiting for the latest DVD release in a couple weeks. Sometimes it's effortless to find good content in an on-demand world, too.

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