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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Mark Laskowski

Regarding John Proffitt's first of two billion dollar questions (i.e. [1] As time passes and each generation moves from the left side of the graph to the right side, will their media preferences shift with them in the same proportions? In other words, when I get to be 60 years old, will the PC still be the most important device, or will the TV take over my top preference by then?)

In my humble opinion, the answer is no. After reading Strauss and Howe's Generations and many other bits of research about how as the baby boomer generation becomes older they do not begin to behave like the G.I. generation, it seems more reasonable to expect that attitudes about and use of technology will defined more by the generational cohort one belongs to than by the age one has reached or is reaching . . . and this is even accelerated by technology becoming so scarce that it becomes inconvenient for the consumer to access it (I still have my albums, but I don't listen to them anymore because I'm not even sure where my turntable is).

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