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Saturday, 16 June 2007



And Joost is just one of MANY "over the top" plays coming at us. Sling is working on one, of course there is AppleTV.

I'm not sure if the "embedding on TV" even stays important once you can get the cost of the box below, say, $100 with interesting functionality you'll be able to sell millions and millions.

Net Neutrality becomes a KEY issue - because all of these plays depend on your broadband provider not discriminating against different sources or types of content.

Tech Untangled

This will be huge for joost. With the recent 'acquisition' of a CEO (mike volpi), I'd bet Joost has even bigger ambitions: get on set top box.

See Joost makes Strategic Acquisition

with the separation of provider from set top box, now you dont even need a cable provider, just get joost!

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