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Saturday, 02 June 2007


Rob Paterson

Dennis - we really missed something important - this is brilliant.

I would like to add that myth often opens the door to archetype and that story that does not have a mythic subtext may not touch us as deeply as story that does. What we are mainly exposed to today has more and more action but little meaning - Spiderman? - to have an impact, the special effects have to be bumped up. At some point, there is mere overload. Like the headline news of the day ... and now 26 people killed in Iraq ..and now Anna Nicole Smith ....!

What I and others oberve is that many today can only see the surface and have therefore lost touch with the deeper meaning. Moby Dick becomes a slow and boring story about whaling. The Waste land is incomprehensible.

A friend of mine who is an English professor found that most of his students could not understand literature
as they could only process the surface. So he started a course in Myth - a huge awakening took place and not only did this become THE course but the myth students now could get the meaing in literature.

I wonder if journalist and producers should take a course in myth????

Might they tell stories better if they did? better being, I wonder if they by finding the archetype couild invest the news with more meaning and reduce the "crud" and hence noise?

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