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Saturday, 16 June 2007


Mark Laskowski

Long have I waited for the colorful phrase "cluster F-asterisk, etc." to be used so relevantly on this blog. When the going gets tough, curse like a sailor. It's a quintessentially American trait.


Heh-heh. Well, Mark, if I wrote about Iraq or health care or Katrina relief, I might have more opportunities to use that, but I'm stuck with DTV. Comparatively, it's a minor c-f, I guess, but it's our c-f. --Dennis

Don Moore

Not only the public; but the broadcast industry does not get it either. Currently, they operate under the protection of "Must Carry" or "Re-transmission Consent"; however, that only applies to the ANALOG signal and not digital signal.

Can we say OOPS! No digital must carry.

Plus the broadcaster are refusing to allow cable and satellite to down-convert their HDTV signals to Standard Definition, which most people already receive.

Can we say HUH??? If the broadcasters refuse to allow down-conversion, then a large majority of the viewing public, who do not subscribe to HDTV tiers, will loose the local channels on satellite and cable.


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