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Sunday, 17 June 2007



Do you have any idea how I could contact Mike, his family, or at least whoever at WNET is in charge of the OMN currently? I run Denver Open Media, which started up just months before Mike got ill, and am pursuing a very similar vision to his, but with user-generated and Public Access media, as opposed to PBS. I would love to talk to whoever is over-seeing OMN now to see if we can help revive that wonderful vision of Mike's an pursue some collaboration.

Pat Briscoe

H Mike,
Not sure if you remember me....my son John and Jim Campbell were best friends in pre-school and early grades at St. Joseph's....my husband Larry and I saw you many, many times at the Old Pro with the Campbells and the boys....this morning at Nativity Church we were asked to remember you in our prayers and I want you to know I will do that....I know you have a young family and I will keep them in my pryers as well....we live around the corner from you on Selby....I pass your house many times each day...I will say a short prayer each time I go by.
Pat Briscoe

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