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Friday, 25 January 2008


Rob Paterson

John is right - Time shifting is a critical issue - not broadcast. The Tyranny of the schedule is being challenged.

Secondly, I think of all the talent and money devoted to online now. In the music area, while it was technically difficult, only the geeks like my son downloaded. But the moment Apple made it easy and legal billions of download took place - regular folks like me were now downloading - my bet is that this will happen in 2008 2009 at the latest. Then the delivery system will have tipped.

Now there is not much to see online - but recall in the early days of DVD's there were not many titles - how long did that last

Lastly "Follow the Money" the advertisers are already shifting to online.

When the shift comes, recall small cars vs trucks in Detroit, it will be too late to move

You have to be Toyota and not GM

John Proffitt

Ah, but he doesn't watch TV! He watches video collected on his TiVo, and that TiVo is hooked to a cable or satellite service. Besides, the demise of traditional TV will not occur in one monolithic thump -- it will be a death by a thousand cuts. He's already participating in two technologies that are turning TV into something new, something different. Perhaps the real question is what constitutes TV anyway? When can we say that TV has transformed so much that it's no longer TV?

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