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Sunday, 23 March 2008


Jim Taszarek (aka "Taz")

Agree on the Ikea and many more - but - have you been to an Apple Store? Wow! It's the future of successful retailing. I wandered into one in Eaton Centre in Toronto. It was jammed, but there were salespeople (not on commission) everywhere. When I got home visited the store at the Biltmore in Phoenix. I've never been relieved of my money so fast, so easily and loved every moment of it.

Go do it just for the experience. They have a secret. Count the number of salespeople on the floor; there is the same number of people behind the scenes. If you've been in selling or retailing you'll know immediately that these people have been superbly trained - and probably as well compensated.

Jim Taszarek - TazMedia.com



I thought you'd appreciate this example of creative customer service:


Rob Paterson

Your Ikea idea struck me hard Dennis.

Self service, costs and warmth are related issues I think.

The self service model gives us all more choice and immediacy - these seem to be valued more all the time as we shift from a mass market. I want it my way and now. Translates into I don't want to send $20 for a Nature DVD that will arrive in 3 weeks. Too much and too slow. How much is PBS earning from its archive? Now what about $5 download? Or better $5 a month subscription. How many members at $5 a month in the world for much of PBS's content? 100 million globally? That's 6 billion a year folks and I don't think that that is a stretch target.

Now I chose when I want to watch and what = self service and choice

Let's think of costs. Once a program has been digitized, the costs of scaling the distribution go away.

But what about the downside of the Ikea model - no warmth (Contact) and no Context? Not a nice store and maybe not a nice Pub Media either.

We can add Context and Contact. Context would be a "Pub" world where people could inhabit - where they added context to the content by talking about it and sharing it. Why not a Jane Austen Book Club with local chapters in every community? Why not a sustainability club with tones of content, lost of conversation and local action?

With the context comes of course Contact - real people connecting with real people and of course adding more content that they have made.

All this affects not only revenues but costs. Ikea is ratcheting down costs by giving a lot of the work to the customers.

So could and must we. Why not a Global NPR Twitter alternative to AP? Has to happen. With NPR's lead it could happen in a matter of months.

You keep your newsroom but you expand the network around it - quality goes up - costs go down - as contact goes up so does commitment.

Let me close again with a set of numbers - a global perspective - a subscription approach to content - $6 billion on the table with 100 million subscribers. Would 6 billion on the table be enough to get the conversation going properly?

Rob Paterson

Dennis - I pushed return before I was finished!!!!!!
If my comment is there I will get back later

No, nothing else there, so hope you'll repost. --Dennis

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