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Sunday, 06 April 2008


Ben Hess

Congratulations on the move, that bald eagle was the proper send off. You're ability to handle all the change life has thrown at you in the past year is inspirational.

Regarding antennas - I second Stephen's advice re: cable!

Dennis Haarsager

Posting comment from Rob Paterson:

Can't comment on your site D - here is what I wanted to say

I am a big believer in "Omens" Dennis - As I "see" them it is about our own energy - we "see" them when we are ready. My bet is that the eagles have been around a lot more but now as you leave your old life - they "appear" - looks like a good omen to me
All the best
I'm not a woo-woo kind of guy so this is the best explanation of "omens" that I've seen. Thanks, Rob. --Dennis

John Proffitt

I can't imagine your experience in the past several weeks, to say nothing of the past year. I think you're teaching us all a lesson in adaptability and resilience in the face of daunting challenges. I hope I'm as flexible at your age. Hell -- I hope I'm as flexible today!

On the matter of antennas, since you brought it up, I have to wonder whether you're experiencing the foreshadowing of February 2009 for many, many people around the country. Digital transmission, in my experience and based on your description above, looks to be a big ol' mess -- and that's for people that understand a thing or two about RF propagation, antenna types and more. What hope do average consumers have when DTV is required for over-the-air homes next year?

We're all used to cell signals that vary in strength and coverage. We grumble, but it's been part of the technology from the start. But TV and FM have been analog for more than a generation. As they go digital and drop analog (I have to assume radio will go all-digital at some point), and take on the qualities of cellular coverage -- without the benefit of multiple low-power tower sites all over the place -- I wonder how many OTA viewers and listeners will be left.

Is there hope for some new reception technologies to improve signal capture?

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