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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Rob Paterson

Neat point Dennis - I think there are also two POV's here. The dead web are mainly from those that hope it will die - all the evidence is that they are wrong. The Dead media folks use the evidence to make their point.

The numbers go the opposite way - the web has never been used more - more YouTube videos in a week than TV used to make shows in a year in the 70's. Blogs expanding. There are clouds on the web such as Net Neutrality but use is through the roof - the mobile world is also exploding.

Now on the media front - the numbers are truly scary - engagement down, content worse, ads down, net down stock prices down

Last point - Doc, Jeff and I are your friends. We want you to do well. We are not attacking you and trad media. We long to see the best of trad media do the right things.

Those who trash the web merely hope that it will go away and they will not have to change

Yours Rob

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