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Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Rob Paterson

Dennis - My wife Robin, who as I think you know has breast cancer, works as a hospice volunteer. What she sees is another aspect of cancer that such a community could help with. That is also adjusting to life after our partners have gone. What she sees is that at the time of the death - the surviving spouse is surrounded with support but as the weeks and then months move on, this support falls off.

Robin spends sometimes more time with the widow or widower after the loss than before.

There are few if any resources for the one left behind and even less support from people who really know from their own experience what the survivor may be going through.

I wonder if My Cancer might evolve into such a place of support? For like living with cancer itself or living with a loved one who has it - the best support comes from those that share that awful reality.

Best wishes Rob

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