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Monday, 08 September 2008



Thanks for laying this out, Dennis. it's great to see NPR headed in these new directions, and I encourage you to keep these kinds of updates coming. I'll post a link to the AIRdaily so producers can read up on the new developments. -- s

Mark Vogelzang

Dennis, your link to a "doodled a simplified drawing" is not workin'. Mark
It's fixed, thanks. Had a case of upper case/lower case reversal. --Dennis

Mark Vogelzang

Dennis, these comments are the start of a good dialogue and more transparency from NPR's management team. The salmon story example helps me, at least, understand the Community distribution model and how it would work in our region. Alas, I don't think that it would take me 'ten minutes to install' the API as you did, but in spite of personal technical inequities, I think this is a great way (via the API) to get our content and programming out there. Keep these posts coming!

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