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Wednesday, 31 March 2010



3D TV and cinema can cause "motion sickness" in a percentage of viewers. Its effects lessen as your eyes and brain get used to seeing and processing the artifical 3D images

Burnie Clark

Thanks for the report on 3D, Dennis. I followed the development of 3D pretty closely while servings as a Leadership Fellow for the U.S. Japan Society in the late 80's. The early work by such companies as NHK Labs and Sony in Atsuki were much cruder than you describe. But it was clear this technology would develop in a couple of decades. We spent a day with one of the earlier developers and his wife. He had both a 3D video camera and a still camera that he used to document our activities. I still have the slides that he took. He did not give me a copy of the video, but then I wouldn't have had a VCR to play it back anyway!
My thought at the time was that 3D television would come along after HDTV was well established. I was right, but the timing took longer than I would have hoped. Then I was thinking 3D would be in regular household useage by the turn of the Century.
Is there any developmental work taking place on reviving "Smellovision?"

Burnie Clark

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