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Thursday, 01 July 2010



I think users are exposing very much that iphone4 has very weak signals. Every smartphones experience drops in signals if area around the internal antenna is touched.

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Ok Dennis,

Now I understand what you mean.Thanx for explaining this a little bit more.

Tom King

Hi Dennis,

The picture linked in your post shows a very slight variation on holding the device that indicates this is more a fundamental flaw in the product engineering/design than something that can be passed off to 'user error'.

While I like your creative solution to the problem, don't you think this call to action should go to Apple rather than the 3rd party developer community? After all, what you suggest is not intended to extend the function of the device- but rather to make it 'work' to begin with.

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Hey Dennis,

Am I missing something? Some reports say the iphone4 has a better reception and other reports claim the opposite?If this is true,which report do you believe and why?
Dennis replies: Overall, the new exterior antenna provides better service as long as you hold it correctly. If you don't, you negate the benefits and could have worse service. I've also seen a report that the phone incorporates some operational changes in software that search for the cell repeater with the least contention for bandwidth, not necessarily the one with the strongest signal. This results in fewer dropped calls.

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