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Thursday, 15 July 2010



Hi Dennis,

I subscribed to a service through the NFL last season that allowed me to listen to the radio play by play of any team, any game in real time and archive mode. The quality was mostly horrendous. Clipped, overdriven etc and the same fill music in the spot breaks.

I contacted them to point out the audio flaws and got a trouble ticket number and then no response and no improvement.

Obviously this company was not listening... to customers or their streams. I won't be back.

Broadcast radio has a preconcieved idea of audio quality or "Market Loudness." Does radio really know if loud, brown, distorted sound helps or hurts? Works for guitars but what about radio listeners? What socio-econimic strata of listeners prefer distortion?

It would seem to me that internet delivered radio/audio may have an advantage because there isn't the money (yet) to spend on the $15K audio processing slam dunk box sure to make your audio the best in the market.


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