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Thursday, 07 July 2011



Thanks for this. I have sometimes played around with the cume/visitors ratio and it's useful to be reminded of the dangers in doing this, given the proliferation of listening devices.
Also, any guesses on what Alexa's non-plug-in data is from?
Finally, I noted that the Classical scan
didn't include WCRB-FM or WQXR.
I wonder if these, like the ones you cite, would be outperformed in backlinks by their respective companion news stations (WNYC-FM, WGBH 89.7)?
Hi Bob -- Subsequent to writing this, I did look at WCRB and WQXR among others. I'll be doing a post on this soon. However, the answer is yes, their news counterparts are substantially outpacing them in backlinks. WNYC has 0.53 backlinks per 000 HH, while WQXR has 0.03 (16:1 ratio). WGBH has 0.55 backlinks per 000 HH (getting some lift in this case from TV) while WCRB has 0.02 (26:1 ratio). Haven't found the source of non-toolbar Alexa data, but did see a reference that said in 2008 the rankings changed when they added the new sources in an effort to make it more accurate.

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