David B. Liroff, Senior Vice President, System Development and Media Strategy for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and former Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, WGBH Educational Foundation, is a frequent speaker at meetings within the public broadcasting community and allied organizations.  His provocative and engaging presentations are an important foundation for understanding public broadcasting’s transition to multi-platform digital distribution.  He has kindly given permission to post the following recent presentations. – Dennis Haarsager


The Analog Shutdown: An Alternative Scenario, Public Television Programmers Association, PBS Showcase, May 18, 2007.


Technological Drivers of Change in the Media Environment, Keynote for 2006 PBS Brand Masters Seminar, May 20, 2006.  The presentation is in two documents:  PowerPoint with Word speaking notes.


In the "Global Village", Where is "The Public Square"?,  Link:  Center for Social Media.  You can also view a video or download an MP3 audio file of this presentation at the WGBH Forum Network.  January 13, 2006.


Analog To Anytime: The Traditional Broadcast Era Is Ending, Digital Future Initiative Summit, December 15, 2005


The Rocky Road to Digital, v. 9.0 [ppt], PBS Interactive Masters Seminar, April 13, 2005.

Earlier versions:

The Rocky Road to Digital Broadcasting [html], v. 7.4, Iowa DTV Symposium, October 28, 2003

The Rocky Road to Digital Broadcasting [pdf], v. 7.3, PBS Development Conference, October 3, 2003


Plenary talk [doc], Coalition for Networked Information Task Force Meeting, December 7, 2004.


Tech Talk Live: Things Every Programmer Should Know [pdf], Public Television Programmers Association, November 10, 2004.


Public Radio Leadership Forum Keynote [pdf], May 10, 2004


Opening Keynote, SURA/ViDe [pdf], Education, Public Broadcasting and the Internet: Keys to Collaboration Workshop, March 24, 2004


The Power and Problems of Public Media [pdf], IMLS Web-Wise 2004 conference, March 4, 2004.  This was also published as an article by First Monday, the online “peer-reviewed journal on the Internet,” May 2004.


IMLS Address [pdf], Institute of Museum and Library Services, December 2, 2003



David Liroff joined Boston’s WGBH in 1979, and during his tenure with the station has had senior management responsibility for broadcasting, local program production, creative services, membership, major gifts and capital campaign fundraising for WGBH-TV2 and WGBX-TV44/Boston, and for national "how-to" program production.  In his present position, to which he was appointed in October, 1995, he is responsible for production services, engineering, information technology, telecommunications, digital asset management, the WGBH Media Archives and Preservation Center, and audience research, and he has senior management responsibility for overseeing WGBH's transition to digital production and broadcasting.  WGBH is the premier producer of programming distributed by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and also operates a strong public radio service.

Dr. Liroff is on the board and is past professional vice-chair of the the Association of Public Television Stations (APTS), a former member of the CPB TV Future Fund Advisory Panel, and member of the CPB Digital Consultation Panel, the PBS Technology and Distribution Committee, the APTS/PBS MSO and DBS advisory committees, and the Association of Moving Image Archivists.  Additionally, he was a member of the core working group of the CPB Digital Distribution Implementation Initiative during its two-year existence from 2001-2003 and has been a member of numerous other industry panels.


Updated 24 May, 2007