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Sunday, 03 September 2006


Suyog Ketkar

Consumer empowerment has been the key, as far as consumer electronics are concerned. With growing use of technology in daily (say household) activities, it is clear that consumers have now become comfortable to handling heavy technology, and with ease.

One more issue that appears to be important here is the availability of substitutes. The better a version, a consumer gets, the less loyal he seems to be with the brand. Just a better feature (as per his requirements) and he switches the brand.
The scene, however, may have an altogether different facet as well. Brands like Nokia have been updating and empowering not just the products, but the consumer too. And that's that. Your mobile phone may thus have TV, internet, games, comunication, connectivity, and some "X" features as well, which would make it the most preffered amongst all. This phenomenon if better put is convergance. Just as the case may be, "3G" technology has gone "older" with time, and also has a new and better substitute.

Consumer thus have a greater choice, and but of course, the acceptability.

The big picture as we may put it, is that now the awareness amongst consumers has moved up to the higher levels. Expectations have increased, which has put the brands under pressure. The products launched in, have to have equal, if not better standards. The overall growth of market seems to be positive. Cut-throat competition, improved quality performance, and affordability have been nerve centers to look upon. This by and large suffices to say that, the consumers are ready to welcome any thing which is a package of benefits; and this potential of the market is calling us. Lets join hands together to make the best out of it. And in not much a time.

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