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Tuesday, 22 July 2008



Sir, I am an extremely loyal member of the BPP community. I refer to myself as this rather than as a listener because it is a community of people listening, viewing, commenting, blogging, tweeting, etc. It is the most accessible, interactive, addictive, enjoyable news source with which I have ever been involved.

In your post you say: "This is not meant to diminish BPP, but Morning Edition and All Things Considered have more younger podcast listening than does BPP, and way more radio listening, simply because wide radio carriage delivers awareness of both."

I accidentally stumbled on Bryant Park Project. It was not promoted or discussed on other NPR programs to my knowledge. The other programs you mentioned have a lot more exposure through local public radio stations; you sell products bearing these program names in your online product shop. If the only NPR program you are familiar with is the one you heard your parents listen to while driving in your car, then that is the podcast you will choose to download or stream.

Consider how quickly BPP caught on and how "rabid" the fans are. If that were true of "Tell Me More" or some of the other programs that continue, they would be astronomical success stories. I am glad these programs continue, but consider the greater reach and impact they could have w/such a strong community base like those supporting BPP.

Please consider leading in this area and restoring BPP in a relevant form to your programming. If you do, the BPP community will promote it by word of mouth more than you probably expect we would.

Thank you for your consideration,

T. Weiss

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