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Thursday, 07 January 2010



There are units out there that are alot cheaper and can do the same thing...
though it might not connect me to pandora but i live in the UK so can't use it anyway..

Chuck Bartowski

It's amazing how dumb stereo manufacturers think the consumer is. Obviously I suggest not spending $1200. Your BEST option is to get either a vehicle specific or universal integration module. They are easy to install and only cost a little bit more and that extra money you spend is well, well worth it in my experience. I've tried the FM modulator and cassette adapter and integration modules are the REAL DEAL. Listen to me I sound like a commercial.....Okay bottom line go to www.mypodcarkit.com and order a module from them. The end result is your iPod is HARD-WIRED to your car stereo which means CD quality sound. You might even get to control your ipod from your factory stereo and see album/artist text display. Woo Hoo! Have fun! If you want access to Pandora then just mount the dang thing near the drivers seat with a ProClip vehicle mount, also at www.mypodcarkit.com and directly from ProClip. Getting groceries won't ever be as fun without your iPod hooked up in your car (the right way). Ciao!

car dvd players

I love this. I love my DVD players, but the screens are always too small or just not clear enough for my taste. This looks about right. This will keep the kids busy while we are on our long roadtrips!

Automobile Transport

You make the audio capabilities seem frivolous. But I wonder what else it can do, if they are solely pushing it as a nav unit and a way to play Pandora in your car then it's a complete waste of money.

Software companies

Humm... interesting,

So this post can actually save me $1,194.... this is the best post i have ever read!

Thanks for writing about it

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