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Wednesday, 11 August 2010



Um, the Red Sox are still on AM and they haven't seen the cellar in a while (maybe next year...)
I find it odd to listen to sports on FM (that's where the Patriots have been for a while) - the fi is too hi for sports.
So, how does one build artists lofts and coffee houses in the AM neighborhood?
How about radio reading services and video description for blind people to start?


Hey- I count on AM to listen to my Colorado Rockies lose.
Dennis replies: Oh-oh, I'm in trouble with my daughter now. Should have picked a different sport. Chagrin.

Tim Halle

One thing about run down neighborhoods is that once abandoned they get often recolonized by artists and eventually gentrified. If the big guys start abandoning AM, and lets face it corporate music stations are basically unlistenable unless you have brain damage or have not yet passed puberty, there's an opening for the same kind of independants that grew out of the FM band in the late 60's.
Dennis replies: I like the idea of rebuilding neighborhoods, Tim.

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